Our Intent

We intend to deliver our service with the maximum of respect for our customers privacy and with the minimum amount of information collection and retention as possible.


Except as indicated in this privacy policy, Poputees will never sell, rent, share or otherwise disclose your information.

Consistent with our intent: We use three services to handle our transactions:

  1. Shopify handles all of the transaction details except processing of credit card and Paypal payments.

  2. Paypal & Authorize.net provides payment services to Shopify which brokers the transaction for www.poputees.com

1) Shopify provides the storefront and transaction processing:

  • hosting the website and shopping cart
  • handling all emails to and from the store;
  • collecting and presenting information to facilitate the sale including:

    1. credit card numbers;
    2. personal contact information;
    3. shipping address;

2) Paypal & Authorize.net  provides payment services including:

  • accepting credit card information from Shopify and returning a status of approved or not approved;
  • Paypal payments.
  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express Cards.

Poputees.com does not collect any information at all.

Credit card information is shared between Shopify, Paypal and Authorize.net only.  Poputees does not have access to your credit card information.

The only personal information that Poputees receives is your order information which includes your name and shipping address.

In the event of a problem with shipping, the information is retrieved from Shopify and used to assist in resolving the issue and then destroyed again.

All of our service providers have privacy policies which are consistent with our intent and Canada’s excellent privacy legislation:

Shopify Privacy Policy
Paypal Privacy Policy
Authorize.net Policy